My Poems

Poem: Song of Heart.

Poem: Concrete Walls.

Poem: Suck in my Breath.

Poem: Ghosts of April.

Poem: Princess

Poem: Summerland

Poem: Robin Hood.

Poem: Mother, why?

Poem: Jasmine.

The Rider of Time

Poem: Bitter-blue Bitter-sweet

Candid Reply

Poem: Decade

Poem: Scapegoat

Poem: Ice Skate

Kilimanjaro (Poem)

Poem: The Craze

Poem: Shuttershy, Butterfly

Someday They Will Fall

So Call Me An Animal, I Am.

I Shed My Shelter

The Bearer Of The Night.

The Looking Glass

If Happiness Were A Play


The Thanks I Owe to You

Quo Vadis?

If You Can See The Trees

The Misty Moon

A’riding A Ghost-Host

The Body Decay And Death Of Name

Ark’s Asilum

The Toils Of Derision

Oh, Woman

The Prison Of The Birds


The Dream


The Fray. A Feminist? II

A Feminist?

The Gendered Race

Rest. In. Pieces, The Union