Poem: Ballad of an Underdog

We are the ones in the back seat–

Yes, we are here, sitting, watching, waiting simply-

Till one piece of good news is flung our way;

And our steady adversaries are quite hard to beat, for

They are replete with antagonizing words: “You will not make it”-

“We sit at the cornerstone of all that is taken”; they are quite loud-

And proud I do say, yet their despicable eyes show their throes of

Convoluted canvases of privileged woes, painted behind those eyes the money flows-

Tales of treason they do reveal, not hidden nor neat-

It is a dollar here and a dollar there, yet we are the ones in the back seat-

Quite wary we are when our weary eyes meet their’s-

And see canvases and bills for their true identities-

The scary reality of a world atop the elite.

Yet we float atop reality in our back seat;

And this is hard to beat.


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