Poem: Color Blind

You are the kind of guy with the sly eyes of a passerby;

Scoping in and out and through, yet never knowing why-

And here I lie, here I lie. But to me a blind eye.

Seeing colors but no shades and berating to berate-

Dull and dim the colors of your kin, to the bleeding of mine-

You turn a blind eye.

You gloss over and under but pride in your glossary

Of terms and trends that do not even bend for

Me. And people like me; do not pride yourself,

On being more than a mere passerby, I’m sure-

You think you are unique but to think what it is that you think-

You are just another wise guy, fly guy, you are nothing,

Truly, really. For in those shades are an escapade to all-

that is unique, don’t blink, dear passerby, you can not even

Take in all my colors with your eyes wide.

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