Poem: Candy

Take, take take, I take it all day-

I say that I had candy today;

In the back, back, back of a car-

A car that hadn’t driven very far.


I asked the man what he had in his hand-

Of the question he did not scowl and reprimand-

And I saw it was candy inside of his hand;

If I had the choice to do over, I’d do it again.


We drove, drove, drove, drove very far,

To the edges of streets, past fast-moving cars;

We saw lenders of candy stretch out all their hands-

To give us more candy-to be taken away, not again.


I looked towards the candy, all shoved in a seat-

And I looked to the man, so clean and so neat-

I thought I was threw with being a child-

And what candy could do was no more than mere mild.


They say candy can take a man’s life away,

And that day was just like the other days-

I paid three-hundred dollars for the candy and said-

I do not care if my face goes numb, or my veins turn red-

I will pay for my candy again and again.


There is nothing sweeter than this confection-

There is nothing more delicate and nice;

I hold onto bags of white candy dust,

And bring it to my home in strides.


I sit all alone with my candy-

And breath it in through my nose,

The smell of it caressing my nostrils-

The feel of it coming in droves.


You can kidnap a child and lock it up-

Or hold a prisoner down in handcuffs-

But the escape for them is much easier, I do say-

Than if they had tried my candy today.



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