Poem: Song of Heart.

I know a song-

A song of heart-

A song I fear will never start;

For it is not sung from the lungs-

But a drone that sounds, sounds,

Loud, louder- it is a not sung for cowards-

It is for people rising for a new day-

It is special, in a way.


It rescues the soldiers from their posts-

And the mothers waiting for their child;

It is not sung in a way that is mild, for-

It creates, hesitates not, is sung for those,

At the bottom, near the end; not for pretenders-

Nor money lenders or makers, or takers-

Of what it gives; no, it is for those-

Who need it most- the rebellious

spirits.  The change-makers.

At the end of their ropes.


When the birds hear it, they cry out-

They sing louder in its ambience, radiance-

It is not loud but they can hear it, this

Surreptitious call-

It sneaks up on them and sings to them-

And so it is sung to all, but few know it.

Few could hear it and believe it-

This undying song of wisdom, the unwise-

shall never know it.  How can they?

It is a call for the meek-

A call for the new day.


Each day I hear the song-

And my mind and my heart grow farther-

Apart, from this I do learn and yearn-

For the eyes of my face to merge with the eye-

Of my mind, for my faith grows stronger-

Oh! How this song can captivate me, bring hope-

to me, carry me, and I am not lonely-

If I am the only one,

Who can hear it.

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