Poem: Concrete Walls.

My life lies behind concrete walls-

I stare blankly into the dim-lit room,

Where I sleep at night, where I dream-

And the bed cracks, there is a racket, and the walls fall.


I live in a shadow-

Appearing out of the darkness I seek to appease-

My enemies, I lie like an unseasoned thief,

To get what I want.


There is a madness so exemplary-

I hang it on the wall, and it does not fall-

I rest it on my shadow and it bring light-

It lights up all my room with a longed-for morning light.


I live in a disastrous fantasy-

Things seem real but they are not;

I understand the call to break the wall-

To tear the shadows surrounding me a part-

I look like a fool to the sane minded,

Blinded folk that live today-

I splurge in the madness of my reality;

Delve into a united mystery by night, and dead picket fences by day-

I live in a world of concrete walls, and to escape I see no way.

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