Poem: Princess

I beheld a princess-

Gownless and frownless-

All dressed up in the autumn air;

Totally careless and unaware.


I beheld a princess-

Blasphemies abounded when she came near;

Always what I said in and out one ear.

Always what I did not enough for her despair.


I beheld the princess;

Lofty ideals with no grounding filament

Neglectful words of tar and cement-

So cold and stony a bridge could be built,

Where she could sit, alone, languidly with no guilt.


So you see, I beheld the princess and she beheld me;

I, apparently, not enough or not buff enough-

To cross her bridges over seas of lies and compromise-

To say a princess is a worthy creature, and not spoiled royalty,

Is quite a feat-

See, I beheld a princess,

A blind beggar at my feet.

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