Candid Reply

They call me a bit of a wallflower;

In my mind I build towers-

They scrape the surface of my earthly existence-

And at the parties I attend their meanings diminish.


I walk round the back near the drinks and the coasters-

No one would notice this internal roller coaster-

No one would see what was towering beneath-

And I don’t dare un-sheath the sword of misery.


I see people go through hallways, pass by-

Seeing each other, moment to moment company-

Not knowing why;

And I sit by the bench near the flowers on the wall,

And laugh at them all.


They might think things of me that I do not like-

Say things behind my back, turn away in fright.

So I sit next to the wall covered with wallpaper flowers;

And hold my coaster and drink for hours.


Some may ask the reason why my engagement seems poor-

I could say it in a few words or more, but I shall this is why-

All I look for to my questions is a candid reply-

And that is what some people cannot supply.

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