Poem: Decade

They told me many things-

The teachers, the neighbors and teenage flings;

The dancers, the liars, and the petty little thieves-

We don’t have many chances-

And oh, how a decade passes.


I started from the ground, whence from most people rise;

I was a child and a lover of the outside, thoughts of demise-

Never occurred to me, as they hadn’t a need to enter my mind-

So a decade went by.


Things got stranger, colder-

I could see life as it got older;

Full of bombs, tombs, and empty wombs;

I wondered if it was time.


A decade goes by.

I am standing alone in a place unfamiliar-

I am greeted by strangers.

They have no need for me unless I am needed.

And so a new decade is greeted.


So the decade flys by.

I have children and they are now encumbered-

By decades; one is not yet a decade, another just about-

Before I was a decade, I should have gotten out-

Of dismal, blackening life.

And so a decade goes by;

And I die in my last decade-

And fade.

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