Joy engulfed; it was time-

Time to shine, lead the line, smells of adults and wine-

It was mine, and in the daylight hour-

There was no contrast.


The star that had fallen from the brightest Sirius;

The eyes that were praised for their gaze that amazed;

The flowers adorning hair when there was nothing but-

Bare living, living for life.  When there was-

No contrast.


This is what they called youth-

I took spoonfuls of sugar,

I played with numerous toy playthings-

I thought nothing of the future-

Of contrast.


Contrast, lots cast, dice rolled and lots sold-

They happened in my doll house.

Inside were the little things I wanted-

In some other life; there was no pain in plastic-

No contrast to the ethereal static-

Of a child.

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