Poem: Ice Skate

In the cool breeze I skate;

Around my problems-

As of late there have been many;

I don’t know how to recreate the past.


The future haunts me and I long for it-

That meadow in the woods,

Where I laid to rest my best attempts at relating-

I skate past it and tuck in my winter hood.


The past is tantalizing, for it holds all my efforts;

All my pain, strain, and arcane habits;

I long to go back even for a moment if a moment prevails;

It holds  in tact my shame and blame;

But unaware as I am I skate past it.


I skate towards a future I have imagined;

I saw it golden and brand new,

And so I skate faster as I grasp the tail of it;

And fall down, crashing against the snowy ice;

I thought it would be easier for my eyes to see;

Yet the past was still with me.


In this ice skate of karma;

In the wake of lonely winter nights;

I had forgotten my past and future;

And skated drearily into what might have been,

And could be made rights-

This is where I skate, my life.

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