Poem: The Craze

Walking through the maze I saw the craze;

It was hard to see, for it lacked a face-

But it was a craze, all the same-

For it only wanted my money and to offer fame.


I walked past, unfazed, looking for others to see;

But they all went to the craze, and did not bother to meet me;

It said it had money, so much it could pay off the biggest of fees;

It looked so tall that I could barely see its knees.


I had no place to hide inside the maze you see;

For others had to help me through, but the Craze blocked them from me;

So I wandered on down a battered path, away from the greedy Craze-

And I was called crazy, hazy, but you see, it was worth it to me.

I approached the end alone-how I don’t know;

I simply knew if I followed a path I would exit, you see-

So I came to the end and looked for my friends;

But there were no friends to see.




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