Poem: The Morals Of a Relativist

The moral of the story, the meaning of the fable-

The parable on a mount or the proverb on the table;

It’s relative.  Relative is what it is-you know why.

Because some fables are better than others;

In some the sister should be a brother;

And in others, altogether, no one discovers-

The Moral.  To all eyes let them see it-

We have two sets, but a third resets when the Moral is put-

To the test.

My favorite Moral?  Why ask me?

You have yours but do you see?

It matter not to me your faith or creed-

Your breed or animal feed-

A science diet or a diet led by science-

Or simply what you can eat in the moment-

So I will not tell you my favorite-

It is yours that interests me!  Do tell it!

The Moral of this poem, already you know.

But if you don’t: relativist, put you favorite to the test.

For you will be tested.

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