Poem: Can’t Leave the House

I am paralyzed;

Head broken on both sides-

I am in disguise;

Not so surprisingly-so is every-one who-

I am trapped in my house and they are too-

But mine was handed to me as a blessing, disguised too.

It was sent to me and went through me, and ate me from the inside-

It tore apart my heart until I had no body, just a yearning-

For no more surprise, but a sunrise, how simple-

It is that the sun also rises, so simple it is the moon also weeps,

How special it is I make no compromises-

How wonderful that I don’t lie through my tooth-ache;

It eats me day and night, and don’t think you aren’t trapped too-

Mine just happened to be a critter so small my eyes couldn’t see it-

In my eyes, though blind, I will be it.  And also, too.

I can see it.

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