Poem: Shuttershy, Butterfly

****Attention readers, I have a new youtube channel!  Just search “Amelia Antone” on youtube and you should find it.  Enjoy the poem, as always 🙂


They took pictures of you in the park;

It was dark in my life until you appeared:

ShutterShy, Butterfly.


I tried to capture your image-

But you disappeared.

I assumed you were shy, butterfly-

It couldn’t have been my shutter speed-

The exposure you received you did not like;

Though the exposure was always from me.


I tried to saturate you, shuttershy, will colors red and blue;

I tried to re-create you, butterfly-contrast you to something new-

I could not accept you, butterfly, for too shy you were for me.

But lying is dying, butterfly-and I wish that you missed me.


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