Poem: The Bridges They Built

The Bridges They Built

In the genesis of the bridge, Immaneual said-
This bridge we must ride is too tall for my head;
For I cannot see beyond the bedrock and silt-
Why must we separate, the narrow gate-
I was there with Adam in Africa, and a man in a great flood-
I kicked in another’s womb to spare Abram’s
doom, and a Ham-
I had for dinner last night- so why concrete to cross this ocean, not grace?

But I cross, as the maker says, “Gracias Amiga, you pay my rent.”
Through me he repents-But I had no privealedge then, and in this den of theives!–

Mary’s womb seems unvirginal to me, for I am light, not silt, concrete-
Immanuel my name they say, or have said, in religion;
Though I only spoke of peace, oh Abram!
Let Sarah share with me my Ham.
For I shall cross over your bridge myself, and avoid all water that is dammed.

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