Poem: There Are Times


There are times the sun shines;

It seems to never rest-

Joyful are these times

For I am at my best.

There are times Twilight dines,

With me as a dinner guest;

And  Twilight tells me the sun is but a mere passerby- 

And warns me of my dark silhouette.

Sometimes, Twilight dines a bit longer than I expect;

My silhouette grows taller, my heart grows smaller,

And Time passes by to tell me of the years and fire,

As my feet grow frozen in cement.

Twilight flies and grows sick of Time;

And moon comes to tell of Dawn;

She sits with me and says “Be free,”

But I fear Dawn-

For I know I have done wrong.

Moon reads my thoughts, an intuitive with no cards,

And says to me “There is no wrong you have done,”

“For I know stars and the sun better than most anyone,

and no matter how good you are, Time is a heavy star,

And sun knows by him that even his death will come,”

I question moon and ask “How soon?”

She smiles without reply; so I ask when she will die-

“For a star you are not, are you?”

She says to me she doesn’t know when-

“Time is a heavy star but mysterious too,

I know about my death as much as you do yours, now do-“

“Lift you feet from the cement!

For Dawn comes for everyone;

And I will tell you a little secret-

She is the one Time truly loves.”

Then light came in, gradually yet true;

And melted the cement completely through;

Dawn had come!  How lucid I was!

And turned to Twilight’s chair;

I realized I had forgotten that he had gone,

All I saw was a dead serpent there.

I cried over Twilight;

He was there when light was gone, my friend-

But now he was dead.

Perhaps in more Time there are times;

When I shall see him again.

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