So Call Me An Animal, I Am.

You call me pig-how smart they are;

Know their own reflection in the mirror-

I know my own reflection as well,

And no pig am I, no matter the words you spell-

I can see it in your eyes you are the animal, as well.

You may call me cat, bat, or flea-

For I must flee from your space due to your defensiveness near me-

Fleas flee as well, cats climb trees and smell their way out-

And bats hide in the dark caves they’ve made for themselves-

But I do not flee nor climb nor hide, nor utter offensives to you, do tell-

I see the animal in your eyes; do you as well?

You call me dog; there you go again-

You must have forgotten dog is human’s closet ally-

It is loyal and true, rugged and ruthless, to protect its master and their tie-

It howls at night just like the wolves, so you must be calling me a wolf too-

And how close they are, and protective of others, too…

So you are calling me an animal, are you?

But do you see the animal in you?

The ape with no place to be throwing out words, misused?

Scathing and mean, queer and obscene, from you I glean-

That you are an animalistic man-

So call me an animal- I am.

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