If Happiness Were a Play

Stage right, go left;

Stage a smile then regret;

You must regret none of the days-

You were inside that play.

On words, alliances made-

Then fallen apart like water evaporate-

Stage left, I hope it goes right;

Those things you wrote and people you took-

Out of the play, I do hope-

The new characters you took are all you hoped.

For, a roar, and an audience at bay-

Suddenly raptures in applause;

The gauze of life’s bandages stripped away.

Exit the stage then go rightly on;

The next curtain call is a minute away.

And I hope those characters you took off the bill, they will

Forgive you someday.

Breaking legs and talking heads,

Surround you as you enter the stage-

Enter stage left, then go right-

And remember your fellow cast of mates-

As you do all of your next plays.

So the happiness shimmers.

And that shimmer remains.

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