To where are you going?

The yellow wood with its split,

The yellow road with its brick;

Or to be crucified in Rome?

So where are you going?

To find yourself or god?

To find a lover in the streets,

Or to escape from one only by the grace of god?

Do you know where you’re going?

Is it green or red, blue or dead?

Please tell me you do not walk alone;

For there may be beasts at every step,

Depending on where it is to which you go.

To where am I going?

What a hard question to ask;

I have a feeling but truly don’t know

Where my destiny will lie and to where I should go.

Do I care where I’m going?

Surely I do!

Uncertainty would drive me mad!

So I pretend certainty exists while I reminisce,

About other journeys I’ve had.

Wherever you’re going,

I hope that it’s good,

But bad at times, as well-

But I have a feeling, wherever we’re going-

We shan’t have to say farewell.

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