The forest of the mind is large;

Submerged and enlarged are its memories;

Ties to every thing- an interconnected electricity

Neuron to Neuron

Synaptically the trees we see.

Our loves and our losses are leaves.

Sometimes withered, sometimes bright

The chlorophyll of our God-given will

Can make  neurons dark or light.

Some branches are strong and others are weak;

Some fall and come undone-

And at the roots we may hesitate 

And the water flow turns to none.

To feed each tree you must see the forest;

Did I not tell you there was more than one?

In one forest there are billions of trees-

Though your forest is just one.

But if roots grow and magnify

Due to cohesive and adhesive water;

The water that feeds your forest and trees-

Will feed the forest of another.

So if you can see the trees of your forest-

And reap and sow endless hours-

The forest and trees blend into one-

And you can see the world of the others.

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