A’riding A Ghost-Host

Hands fall, limp-

Cold, crossed fingers shut

Arms-no movement

The heart murmur goes

A’thud, A’thud

The scent of the body-

Your body, own sent-


The thing that made you-

One of them.

The eyes, falling out;

Criss-crossing and wide

See the lights, the black out

As a journey down unwinds 

Head, a crushing weight-

Teeth crush in jaw 

Jaw crushed them, a’grate.

It goes a’gnaw gnaw gnaw.

Neck curves and spine stretches

The head every which way;

The body spins, porcelain;

And soon begins to break.

Spine shudders at touch-

Vibrations Pulsate.

The pelvis disappears, legs and torso no more-

One aching sphere as the feet are limp on the floor.

I am a’riding the ghost-host

Though have yet to have a wake.

And I am unsure how many breaks it will take

Before I am awake.

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