The Fray. A Feminist? II
Kelp feeds the deep.
The crawfish weep.
…..And there is a deep need
To sleep alone in the woods-
To love the have nots and should
ofs; Praise everything I could not do
I could not carry you, I drew
A picture of my happiness.
How could it not have been with you?
And I thought it was, so much so
That I melted like goo;
Really, it’s true.
My blood, a sour blue
Oozing and rushing through
Filling my lungs like you
Pushing my heart like you
Really, truly, what 
Could you not do?
A girl.
Braided hair falls down the back;
Where is my tact?  Dare I react?
Kisses, kisses, caress the bullet
Shove it through the side, then hide
Behind such robust schemes
That stick fangs in my dreams
My blood curdling screams
Obscene, obscene
Unclean, obscene
Feind Feind Feind  
   Why do this to me?
 Careless looks by passer-byes
They drop like flies in the moonlight
Careless eyes that troll under bridges
Undermining the haughty statements
That you speak, in tongues
Quite a few tongues you say, you’ve had
The most incredible things
incredulous rings
Adorn your fingers, one taller than
the other, my throat
Adorned with equally incredulous 
lace around the neck, a noose-wearer; 
Use my shoulder as your
Headrest; Best friend, Girlfriend
Were we not together till its end?
Your skin grew fairer. 
Is there not glory in sadness?
Is not to moan penultimate to death?
To scream from the collapsed lungs
Thick black heart sheds its skin
As I let you in, begin
To realize that the effect
Will indeed affect and erect
More than a hollow image
A familiar name
A contact here with a bit of shame
Your words indeed proliferate
And sink slimily into the crevices 
Of faith
But you took no oath
And you hid yourself away
  And said to me:                                                    
 Go away; go away
I may want you some other day.
I am alone, like most people
I put no big claim or stake in
The Universe
Yet when I saw your face I, I-
Could not utter a word
symmetrical was not the word
Or beautiful, for that matter
Rather, it took me by surprise
That a face could live so many lies
A calf estranged from its mother, I,
A detective without cover
It was at the wrong time
To question your kingdom
To force it down by landslide.
When two fearful worlds collide
The result is a painful anachronism
Bringing the past to light
Fear begets loss of progress
And fear has had the sane and the mad
Sickly, surreptitious fads
Rage when fear has had what it will have.
supercilious souls scavenge for
Importance when the world collapses
And I thought we’d see it through
Is it not hard to find what is true?
What is real; See
I will kill, kill, kill
And in death-
I will do what I will.

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