A Feminist? 
They break me in two
Two by two, they say:
Go away, go away!
We may want you some other day.
Such a beast that trapped me-
In my femininity, my fertile parts;
Passive eyes rolled round the sword
That struck me like a knife.
Beside myself with such rampage!
Oh, how I rage…
Oh, how I rage…
How I gnaw and twist this cage
       as my hair flows into the gallows of hell.
      long and thick, long and sick, it fell.
Hear me now, my immortal duality! 
The chorus line sings like it’s a gift
So strong and yet so weak, woe-men.
I itch, I itch; my jaw does twitch
At the sound of the heavy set men that whip-
Whip their whips and make women trip.
Tick, tick, there goes my lip, the trip
       of a lifetime to some other where
In the dark encrusted alley of nowhere.
While he goes out and pays the rent.
The heart of my life
The soul of my strife
Wash away, wash away
This sardonic day
In these tears, is it good to pray?
  Or to enter the fray.

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